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Our Nonprofit Partners

Equity on Ice depends on the work and dedication of key nonprofit organizations that are making an impact in the lives of Saint Paul residents each day. Learn more about the organizations that are currently part of the Equity on Ice family. 

The Equity on Ice initiative will support three of DinoMight's key focus areas: physical, academic and social excellence. With space at Treasure Island Center, and access to TRIA Rink, DinoMights will engage Saint Paul youth with the sport of hockey, provide educational guidance through tutoring services and foster lasting friendships among teammates.

Students participating in DinoMights in Minneapolis are graduating at a rate of 85%, compared to an average graduation rate of 48%. Similar results are expected in Saint Paul.


Brownbody is currently considering the possibility of becoming an occupant/user/tenant of TRIA Rink and Treasure Island Center. Brownbody would bring to TRIA Rink a whole new perspective through their interpretive dance programs. 


Brownbody honors the complex narratives of U.S. based Black diasporic communities through a blend of figure skating, modern dance, theater, and original soundscapes. They present professional artistic work that shifts the cultural memory of U.S. based Black diasporic communities into complex and honest narratives.

Friends of Saint Paul Hockey 

Friends of Saint Paul Hockey is motivated to minimize financial barriers so hockey can become sustainable and a continued tradition in Saint Paul. Their goals are aggressive and hopes are high.What was once a treasured blue collar sport, is fast becoming a sport for only the affluent. Long term this will not be a good fit, nor embraced by Saint Paul residents. Rapid, decisive, and thoughtful approaches that are inclusive of all interested parties will be implemented as funds are attained.​

Saint Paul Police Activities League (PAL)

PAL promotes youth engagement through a variety of after-school and summer recreational activities, including hockey. PAL staff spend time talking with kids who need one-on-one time with mentors—police officers, community volunteers, and collaborative efforts with other organizations.

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